Saturday, March 10, 2012

Change is GOOD! least I keep telling myself that this week. 

On Tuesday, my little Sunshine gal finished all of her school work to earn her high school diploma.  Yes, I know it is only the beginning of March but when she sets her mind to something, she can accomplish it!  Wanting to finish high school before heading to OK to prepare for her graduation with her friends that she grew up with was top on her priority list. With that goal in mind, right after we started back to school after Christmas break she has been working extra hard.  On her last day of "class" she completed 5 lessons, 3 quizzes, and 3 tests.  I don't know who screamed the loudest, my daughter or myself!  As she was rejoicing in her hard work (she made straight A's all through high school) I was realizing that my "job" of educator had come to a very abrupt and anti-climatic end.  Or had it?  After all, my baby is still only 17 with much to learn about life and I plan to be available as she takes her first steps into this new season.   Titus 2:4  commands us as women  "That they may teach the young women to be sensible, to love their husbands, to love their children." KJV  I may add a "student" here and there to include other younger women besides the two amazing daughters that God blessed me with, so in reality, my "job" will never end.  

Sunshine gal thinks coffee should be enjoyed as often as possible.  I promised her that the day she finished school we would head to Starbucks right away.  Natalie went along too and Ally's friend met us but didn't want a coffee...can you imagine? Truth be told, he just wanted to purchase his own as he went back a bit later & ordered one too.  We gobbled up that brownie so quick I had to take a picture with just a bite of it left. 


As if finishing high school wasn't enough for one week, she also bought her first pair of heels and opened a checking account this week.  Whew, it was just about enough to do me in...but I reminded myself that when we "train up a child in the way they should go, they will not depart from it"(paraphrased) and that this is exactly what is supposed to be happening in her life.  She might be kinda mad I shared this picture since her toes weren't painted perfectly but I just had so show off these rockin heels.  Such a different choice of footwear from her normal Converse!

I thought the nice lady who helped her open her checking account might think home educators are really weird if I pulled out my iPhone and took a picture of the process so I will share with you Sunshine's dream car.  We came out of the orthodontist office on Wednesday (another event as this was her last check up since having her braces removed) to find this beauty parked right next to me.   She just loves VW vans and bugs.  This is truly the car she can see herself driving for the rest of her life and I so enjoy teasing her that after she is married she can fill it up with grandbabies for me!  But for now, we dream of her driving it with her puppy, Little Lulu, hanging her head out the passenger window while she drives with her long hair flying out the driver's window.  Hey, a girl has to have a dream!

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful, yet full-of-changes week with you.  How was YOUR week?  Did you have any life changing moments?  Or was it just your normal routine, which I personally happen to love, kind of week?  Either way, PLEASE leave me a comment.  I so enjoy that you took the time to drop by and love reading your notes!