Life is Grand, on the Strand

Being a former Okie, I have a perpetual craving for GOOD Mexican food.  I have searched high and low for just the right restaurant to please my pallet. 

This week my friend who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, is visiting while Superman is away on a mancation so we have made it a point to hunt out the best Mexican food at the beach.  Yesterday was a banner day as she would say!

This photo was taken from our table.  Sand and sea, the perfect view for me!

We both ate a taco...they were full of yummy ingredients.  I ate one with chicken.

Another view from the balcony where we chose to sit. 
Instagram is one of my favorite ways to share photos! The guacamole was great but could have used a bit more salt and lime.  They offer 5 different salsa choices.  We ate the wrong one, it was very bland...we even added salt, sour cream, and more salt but it just lacked flavor.  Queso was also offered in several varieties and the one we ate was the bomb...full of flavor!
Living on the Grand Strand of islands offers a never ending variety of restaurants to sample, places to explore, and beaches to enjoy.  I am purposing to start this new section of my blog,  Life is Grand, on the Strand,  to share the places with you that I find to be exciting. 
Please drop by again soon and if you have discovered something new in your area would you leave a comment to share it with me and my followers?


  1. Fun! I'm so glad you girls are having a great time!

  2. The food looked yummy and the view was spectacular! Thanks for sharing - can't wait to see more in this new section of your blog. :)