Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Sweet Beach Home

OH it is good to be home!  My daughters and I have just returned from a two month trip to our hometown in Oklahoma.  While we had a great time with friends and family it is just good to be home!

I have so many fun memories to share with all of you and can't wait to blog about my daughter's graduation and our home state.  This week we are embarking on a new beach houses!  My sweet friend owns a beach house cleaning company and with the holiday weekend approaching she has found herself short staffed.  My girls were more than excited when I asked if they would be willing to take this week and help her out.  So tomorrow morning we will be up early (6 am!) to head to OIB to get cleaning. 

Thanks for your faithful following...98 of you stopped by last month and I didn't even write a new post!  I promise to have new posts up by next Monday!