Monday, October 31, 2011

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Friday, October 21, 2011

New, Old Jeans

Do you own a favorite pair of jeans? You know the kind, super soft from being washed over and over.  Your go to pair that even if a hole has developed in an undesirable location.  Or maybe your child has a pair that needs a repair to make them modest enough for school or church?

 My youngest daughter was recently given a pair of super cute and just-like-new jeans from her bff.  Sorry, but I just had to use their slang :)   Her bff is not that much taller but has longer legs than my daughter so a hole that was perfectly modest on her just wasn't going to work on my girl.  She loved the jeans so I suggested a patch.  Being the kind of gal who feels like she was born in the wrong fashion era, she would prefer to have been born in the 60's/70's, she was all over the patch idea.  Until we found ugly patches, boring patches, and the iron in patches.   Thankfully, my super smart friend...the one who likes to sew....thought I should clarify that since I have more than one super smart friend, told me about a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans that she had recently found in a catalog.

photo from

My girl decided she loved the look and wanted me to sew it, RIGHT AWAY!  Thankfully, we were in OK at the time which gave me an excuse to put it off until we were able to return to our beach home.  For the record, I don't sew.  I don't sew as in I have only sewn the bedding and accessories for my daughters' nursery with a great deal of assistance from a friend who does sew. At least that is how I like to remember that experience.  In all reality, she sewed and I assisted.   That was a long, long time ago.  The only other sewing experience I have is sewing Superman's patches on to his fire/ems shirts.  I had so much difficulty with those, I eventually turned that job over to our local dry cleaners.  You can see the difficulty I was facing of taking her new favorite jeans and making them look anything like the $99.00

One afternoon I had finally talked myself into tackling that pair of jeans.  I reasoned with myself that if I had successfully home educated one daughter through high school graduation and the other was almost finished, surely I could sew one patch to the inside of a pair of denims. I also try to instill in my girls the "I can do it" attitude so I decided to lead by example.  My other source of encouragement was my Grams.  She had sewn many, many articles of clothing for me from the time I was a little girl as well as many quilts and other items.  Since I had just brought her sewing machine home with me I decided now was the time!  I was going to learn how to use her machine and sew! 

Meet my Grams.  Isn't she just gorgeous?!  This picture was taken on her last trip to the mountains of Colorado.  That's Superman driving, he tends to be camera shy. 

Grams and my Sunshine Gal, I call her that since she was born on the first day of summer, drinking their hot cocoa out of straws.  My Grams loved to shop!  Even in her late 80's she wanted me to take her at least once a week out to shop and for dinner.  She was full of life and adored her great granddaughters, as you can tell from this photo.

I got the machine out and promised my daughter to try my hardest to make her jeans look as cute as the ones that are sold by Eddie Bauer.  Just an hour later they were finished and she was THRILLED with the results.  I know, you must be thinking, where are the pics of the jeans?   That sewing experience took place before my blogging days and I didn't take the step by step photos.   When my older girl, (the one who is the talented photographer...Oh I promised not to brag too much), brought me her jeans that had gotten a little too holy, no pun intended, for church I remembered to take the step by step photos. 

Her favorite pair.  I am sure you might be thinking, those don't look too holy for church.  Superman and I had a difficult time when the holy/ripped/distressed jeans became popular allowing the girls to wear them.  After much negotiation from Sunshine gal, it was decided as long as the rips were below the knee and we didn't have to pay for them then they would be allowed to wear them.  While the first rule of above the knee has never changed, we have actually purchased a few pair of ripped jeans. 

Using a worn completely out skinny legged jeans (the hole is not visible in this photo) I just cut some of the leg off.  It was painless to the jeans but not so much for the daughter who tends to become very attached to her clothes.  She found comfort in knowing her old favorite jeans would now be part of her new favorite jeans. 

Sewing on my Grams' machine brought me great joy.  She joined Jesus in July so my emotions are still fresh but I just felt her presence while using her machine.  She had so many bobbins already threaded I didn't have to thread my own bobbin which I am sure was part of the reason my sewing experience was a success. 

Ready to start stitching!  I simply sewed a straight line four different times and it made a box around the hole. 

 Thought I added the same picture twice, didn't you?!  I did, just in case you needed to see this step twice. 

The jeans are finished!   My daughter is no longer too holy for church. 

The box isn't perfect but it is what was intended, make the jeans look like they are distressed.  This small hole was actually below the knee but she asked that I patch all of the holes.  She wanted them to look as much like the Eddie Bauer's as possible. 

She put them on right away, thanked me, and rushed out the door to praise band practice.  Both girls wanted the stitching to be less visible than the pair on the website so I chose a light denim thread.  You could use a colored thread or a dark denim thread for contrast.  I would choose a thick thread for this project for durability. 

What have you been making?  Do you have a tip on how to take something old and make it new again?
I read each and every comment so please leave me one to read! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lime Lens

When something exciting happens in our child's life, we just can't help but want to share it with everyone!  SO, I am using my blog to brag today about my oldest daughter. 

Natalie is a self taught photographer.  She has been behind the lens since we bought her a point and shoot years ago at Service Merchandise, that should tell you how young she was!  She entered several photos in the Tulsa State Fair in the children's division and was thrilled to win.  I honestly don't remember how old she was, or she placed (1st , 2nd, or 3rd) but that experience fueled her desire to pursue a career in photography.  Anyway, that is her story to tell! 

We have a cute little high end consignment/resale/antique store located near our home. 

don't you just want to drop by?!
I copied this photo from their facebook page.  Be sure to look for them on facebook and "like" the page to keep up with some great ideas!

Natalie and I had dropped in one day after a friend, and fellow blogger, Katie had highly recommeded it to us.  Natalie was thrilled to find a camera that she just knew she would use as a prop. 

That's my girl! This is a self portrait and again, I borrowed it from her so the quality may have diminished somewhat, but I am hoping to surprise her with my blog post  :)

The rest of the story is HER story and best told by her so PLEASE drop by her blog
to read all about her excitement and to see some amazing photography. 

Thanks for letting me brag.  I promise not to do it too often. 

Be sure to stop by later this week as I am going to post a fun do-it-yourself project that is sure to save you big $$ this fall!

Monday, October 17, 2011


 Superman took our family and my youngest daughter's friend to the Oyster Festival on Saturday.  (disclosure: I call my hubby Superman, which of course I think he is, so for future posts you will know when I refer to Superman I am not referring to Clark Kent, the comic book character, or to the actual superhero but rather, to MY super hero!) Being from the Mid West, we have attended our share of small town festivals including Pioneer Day, Will Rogers Day, Hogs n Hot Rods Festival, Rooster Days, Trail Days, and some I just don't remember what they were named.   While each event has its own distinct name and celebrates something related to their own town, those who attend can pretty much count on finding what my family refers to as "fair food", booths of local merchants and home based businesses, live music, games for the kiddos, and some carnival rides.

Oyster Fest was very much like all the other small town festivals which we have attended with the added bonus of seafood vendors, local food items offered for sale in the business tents, and the location being on the island of Ocean Isle Beach.  Have I mentioned, I LOVE the beach?!

The one thing I felt was missing?  OYSTERS!  We looked everywhere, believing that since we were at the beach and the name was OYSTER Fest that oysters would be everywhere.  We did find a long tent which had been set up for an oyster shucking contest, which was to take place later in the day. Another long tent, with an even longer line, was set up for steamed oyster shucking and eating.  Superman and I have eaten those oysters before and found them to be rather bland so we were hoping to find oyster on the half shell, fried oysters, or maybe even an oyster stew.  Although surprised at not finding a large selection of oysters, we did have a fun afternoon exploring the booths and being in the sun after a week of many rainy and overcast days.

Pics were take on my iphone, not the best quality.

Shucking of the steamed oysters.

Hard at work shucking those hard shells.

 We decided we really should try some oysters.  My youngest daughter really doesn't care for seafood of any flavor.  The smell alone usually sends her running!  We found a great place on the waterway that didn't smell fishy and everyone agreed it was the perfect place to try an oyster. 

Sharkey's, not to be confused with the Sharkey's of Myrtle Beach, SC, is one of the best seafood places on the island.  The owner told us he is thankful the place was built long ago which allows them to keep their large deck for outdoors dining.  On this day, the deck was packed with Oyster Fest patrons so we chose to eat indoors.

We decided to order several items to share. Fried oysters, shrimp, scallops, and flounder as well as Shark Bites, Shark Teeth, hush puppies, and sweet potato fries were enjoyed but everyone except my  "I don't do fish" girl.  She was happy to eat her loaded baked potato until her daddy asked her to PLEASE try a fried oyster.  At the urging of her friend and after some strong negotiating with her daddy for a red hair extension she ate the last oyster.  She decided she would never try one again! 

My sweet girl on the left and her friend, a SC native and seafood lover, before the oyster was eaten. 

the Intercoastal Waterway on Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Sharkey's provided a great view of the waterway.

Ocean Isle Beach is quickly becoming my favorite beach.  Sunset Beach has held this spot in my heart until this past summer when I began to spend more time on OIB.  It is truly a family friendly beach with many places to grab a bite to eat, a mini golf course, a brand new playground for children, and many public beach access parking lots. 

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to the Oyster Festival and the island.  Next time you are planning a vacation, you really should consider the coastal Carolinas. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Small Challenge...

Happy Fall Y'all!

This is the second full fall season we have lived in our new home.  While the fact that the house came move-in-ready, including the dishes in the cabinets and the gorgeous furnishings, I find it to be a challenge when trying to add a little of me to the decor.  The decor in our OK house reflects my favorite color, red.  This house is decorated in hues of blue and greens, perfect for a beach house but a bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating for different seasons.  This year I purposed to bring more of the fall colors indoors and have been pleased with the results.

I think the first area of every home that should be decorated is the front door or entry way.  It is the first impression guests have when they drop by your home.  Every season, I change the wreath on our front door.  I have made some and bought some.  This years wreath was inspired by two wreaths.  I found one last year in Southern Living and one this year on Pinterest.  I took the two ideas and combined them into one.

The formal dining room is a room we use each and every day.  I like to keep it decorated too as it is the first room you see as you enter our home.  The blue stoneware was already in the house but I have added the dark brown chargers I found at a decorating store for less than $20.00 for all six!  I was pleased to find the napkins in fall colors and the napkin rings in a drawer of a buffet in the breakfast room.  I am not 100% pleased with the end result of my centerpiece but just used what I already owned. I find the blue of the scarecrow's hat pulls all of the blue into the fall colors. 
These glass containers were already sitting on the kitchen island but were full of out-of-style potpourri.  I had been wanting to change them since the day we moved in but never found the perfect inspiration until Pinterest!  I used candles which were already inside and added the dried popcorn seeds, red beans,and split peas.  The sweet reminder to pray was purchased at Hobby Lobby. 

These little cuties were picked up at Hobby Lobby on a road trip last year to Asheville,  NC. Anytime we find a Hobby Lobby we are excited to stop and explore!  Our area doesn't have a Hobby Lobby making our crafting and decorating a challenge!

Using a base and some Spanish moss I already had,  this wreath was super inexpensive.  I found the mini pumpkins in the two-for-one bin at a local craft shop.  Bow making is not my thing but I found the satin ribbon easy to work with and think it adds some glam to the rustic style.  I was thrilled to find a black hanger at our local Wal-Mart and love that it blends right in with the black door. 

 Our area has had an unusually wet fall.  I have not had an opportunity to purchase and get into containers the mums, pansies, and ornamental cabbages that I have designed in my mind.  I hope the weather breaks soon and I have opportunity to get them planted so their roots can have a chance to get ready for the cooler weather I am sure will come to our town. Pictures of my outdoor decor will come when (and if) the planting is finished. 

How does your home change each season?  Did you decorate for the fall?   I read each and every comment and truly enjoy your ideas so please be sure to add yours to the comment section! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Music to My Ears

 Since relocating to NC/SC about two years ago our lives have slowed down dramatically so to have a jammed packed Saturday was not our normal way to spend the day.  We all woke up at the crack of dawn and rushed around to get out the door bright and early.  My oldest daughter was heading to Raleigh, a three hour drive inland, to assist in shooting a wedding with the photographer who has been her mentor for the past year and a half.  The rest of us, including my youngest daughter's friend, were off to play in a benefit, mini golf tournament for a young man who attends our church who is undergoing treatments for several tumors.  I normally have a fend-for-yourself attitude for breakfast on the mornings we are to be out the door so early but I purposed to make biscuits, eggs, and sausage for us and was successful! 

 The mini golf tournament was great fun!  I managed to make 3 holes-in-one but my hubby still beat my score.  After the tournament we joined the others at the church for lunch and prizes.  My hubby was surprised to take 3rd place over all.  We were thrilled to hear that a large amount of money was raised which the young man immediately gave right back to the church saying, "others need it more than myself".  I am sure the LORD will bless him in many ways for his humble spirit. 

 Having eaten lunch, our next stop was to Totally Chic Salon and Spa for the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Day where the three of us girls had bright pink hair extensions added to our hair.  I normally would not have any bright colors added to my hair but this pink hair is a way to honor my aunt who fought a courageous battle against breast cancer before it took her from us several years ago.  My hubby was more than happy to attend the event as a bake sale was also taking place.  I was surprised to find he did leave some baked goods for others to purchase.  All of the money raised by the salon will be given for research.  I encourage you to make a donation in some way during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen organization.  

 When we arrived at home my hubby took a nap as did the girls who had been up very late (or should I say early) watching movies.  I relaxed by logging on to my new favorite website, Pinterest.  I so enjoy all of the new ideas people share and found one that I just had to share with all of you!  I am sorry that I honestly don't know how to link the pin to my blog so I don't know to whom to give the proper credit.  I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due so please know if I could, I would. 

If you are like me, you don't have a dock for your iPhone.  I use my iTunes and/or Pandora app every day while I am fixing my hair and makeup and just have my iPhone on the bathroom counter to listen to my favorite tunes or Bible teacher.   Using two items, this morning my music experience was much richer!  I hope you find this to be true for you, too! 

I picked up this hand painted bowl on my recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey.  I really didn't know what I would use it for when I made the purchase but just knew it was pretty and small enough to pack in my suitcase. 

 My favorite "thing" right now.  I am not normally an electronic devise type person but when I arrived home from my Turkey trip my family surprised me with the new, white iPhone.  I use it constantly and especially enjoy Facetime in order to stay in touch with my friends around the world. The BEST invention, ever, in my opinion!  

Put the iPhone in the bowl and WOW! the level and quality of the volume is intensified. 

Now, I have the perfect way to use my beautiful bowl and as an added benefit I worry less about accidentally getting my iPhone wet. 

How did you spend your weekend?  Do you have any unique uses for something we all have around the house? If so, please share them in the comments section.  Hope your Monday is magnificent!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not My Average Thursday

Two years ago my family relocated to the coastal Carolinas.  Living in a new area has brought many changes to my life.  When I lived in OK it was quite common for me to meet several friends (eight to be exact) for lunch at least once a week at our favorite Mexican food place. I home educate my daughters, make that daughter now since my oldest has graduated from high school, so meeting my friends for lunch was the perfect way to get some much needed girl time.  Since moving to a new town, I have developed only one go-out-to-lunch friendship. I am so thankful that God brought this native Carolinian into my life.  Belinda has been so sweet to share her love of the Carolinas with me, teaching me all about living in the South, where the locals shop and dine, and the tricks of avoiding beach traffic. Going to lunch here isn't a quick hour but rather an afternoon as we live at the beach where getting anywhere is more time consuming.  Belinda invited me to lunch and wanted to go to a town more inland in South Carolina where she had spent her childhood. My daughter was happy to work ahead in school so that she and I could both have a day off.  She spent hers sleeping in while I spent mine doing something I love, exploring the new area where we live.   I was excited to find Conway, SC, to be the perfect town to spend the day.

I failed to grab my camera before leaving my house but was thankful to have my birthday gift from my hubby, my new iPhone, to capture the day.  The Trestle is the favorite of locals for lunch.  It is actually housed in two separate building on the same side of the street, one for the cafe, the other for the bakery.  They offer dine in and catering to the towns all along the coast.  This photo is of the display in the window of the cafe. 

The lunch menu had so many selections to chose from I finally asked Belinda what she suggested.  She raved about the homemade chicken salad on homemade sourdough.  I wanted to try one of the three homemade soups so I took the suggestion of the kind lady taking our order and tried the black bean sausage.  The chips were a surprise and were also made in house.  The entire meal was delish!

After lunch we walked around the downtown area finding many fall decorations.  I just so enjoyed being outdoors in the sun.  I found it so different from many of the small towns I have been in that are almost ghost towns. Almost every building was occupied by a store, salon, or other business.  Each month the downtown merchants have a friendly competition to see which store front is the best decorated for the season.  I didn't see any which were completed but could tell it was going to be a great competition!

Instead of the traditional parking signs I found these to be so fun!  I think it is the little details that add such character to anything and these signs are a great representation of just how quaint I found this town to be. 

SHOES! who can resist a great pair of shoes?  We enjoyed shopping at this sweet children's specialty store.  Belinda has a young child who can still wear these sizes and I just enjoyed looking at the little girls dresses that my two daughters have long outgrown. 

 This church and the trees on the property caught my eye.  The South is famous for its large tress dripping in moss. 

Conway is truly a "Mayberry" type of town.  Built along the Waccamaw River it is home to Coastal Carolina University. Although WalMart, Belk, Chick Fil A, and other large businesses have moved in, the downtown area is still thriving with many of the buildings and homes on the National Register of Historic Places.   Belinda and I enjoyed every minute of our day out and returned to our families ready to wear our wife/mom hats again on Friday. 

Where do you and your friends enjoy meeting for lunch?  I would love to hear your lunch stories!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

After many attempts to chose the perfect name for my blog, I finally found the one that truly fits me. I had the opportunity to take a day trip to Bald Head Island two years ago with my man.  We spent the day on the island taking in all of the sights.  At a little shop where we rented a golf cart, the only way to get around the island without riding a bike, I saw two items that I thought had cute quotes, Seas the Moment and She Sells Sea Shells both caught my eye and have stuck with me ever since.  While choosing my blog name I sought the help of two sweet friends who also blog.  Thank you to Jesse Peak and to Sheryl Sparks  for all of your help and encouragement. 

My desire to blog has been long standing.  My life has been full of moments of change to "seas" (seize), especially in the past four years. While change is good, I have not always embraced it, but through the changes God has proven Himself faithful and steady.  So, come along with me on my seas which are sometimes calm and sometimes raging, but always exciting!