Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Day!

WHEW! 2011 sure ended with a bang, literally, in our family! My hubby crashed his Harley into an 18 wheeler, Oh I mean...fell off a ladder while working on Dec 23rd causing him some major pain and injury. He likes the first story, it is so much more interesting! Being self employeed, this caused him some great difficulty. Thankfully, his cousin was already on vacation and offered to head out to NC from OK to help him out. What a blessing to our entire family as he brought his wife, one of his daughters, and two of his grandsons with him!! We enjoyed having family with us to help bring in the new year and Superman was oh-so-grateful to have help with his work. Okie cousin worked hard while he was here and helped Superman so much! Superman still isn't flying around yet, but we believe he is on the road to recovery.

On the 30th while the men were out working hard, all of us girlies and the two little guys decided to head to Myrtle Beach for the day. An accident quickly changed our plans for a fun filled day. My daughters and I were in one car with the others following right behind. As I was attemping to turn into a gas station BAM! we were hit on the back drivers side of my car. Thankfully, we suffered no major injuries and know that a few visits to a chiropractor will have us feeling good as new in no time. My car, my all time favorite car, the car I have driven cross country many times, the car Superman bought me and I called to thank him at least once a day for the first month I had her, the car that we have filled up many times for trips to the lake and the beach, the car that is no longer being built by Dodge, is not looking too good. I included a picture of her at the top of my blog. You can tell how much luggage she can haul and that is Little Lulu peeking out of the back seat. She is always afraid we are going to leave her behind! Can you tell how much I super like this car?! She was taken away by a tow truck and we will have to see if she can be repaired. Even though our day was suddenly changed, I am thankful on many levels. We were not seriously injured, the babies were NOT in my car, my cousin was not only able to avoid hitting the man who hit me but was also right there to help calm me down, remind me to call 911 then my man, to take pictures of both cars, to help me know exactly what happened as I never saw the man who hit me coming...I was hit from behind, to take us back to my house even though it took two trips, to help me laugh through it all (we joked, well, today was a waste of hair and makeup!), and then to take me to pick up the rental car. What would I have done with out her?! I am just so thakful that she was here!

After that CRAZY day we were all in agreement that New Year's Eve night would be spent at home, far away from the danger of the roads. We did venture out to Sharkey's in Ocean Isle Beach for some delish seafood for lunch before staying if for the night. My girls invited some friends over and we all had a great time eating, dancing with the wii, and shooting off some fireworks!

Hope your 2011 ended with much less excitement than ours and as we enter 2012 please remember what is MOST important in life. Jesus, Family, and Friends...what would we do without them?

Happy New Years!


  1. Have you found out yet if they are going to fix your car? Sounds like in the midst of everything you still had a great visit with friends/family and a great new year!

  2. The insurance adjuster is off work until Tuesday so no word on my car. We did have a great time & just chose to Seas the Moment. :)