Tuesday, February 28, 2012

National Pancake Day

Driving through our small town yesterday I  noticed a sign on one of the THIRTY, yes I did say THIRTY restaurants...more on that in a later post, that proclaimed February 28th to be National Pancake Day.  I decided to celebrate the day by making a recipe Sunshine Gal and I had discovered on Pinterest for Cream Cheese Pancakes.  The blogger who shared these can be found at I Breathe...I'm Hungry just want to give credit where credit is due!

Super easy to whip up using three ingredients that I always have on hand.  The recipe called for a blender or magic bullet so I was excited to bring out my Bosch.  It is the best "machine" I have ever  bought. 

I just cracked 4 eggs, added 4 ounces of cream cheese, and about a tablespoon of Splenda in my blender and hit pulse a few times.  While the bubbles settled, I heated up my Grill Pan from The Pampered Chef then poured a bit of the batter right in the center.

 I did season the pan with just a small amount of butter before pouring on the batter.

Just like a traditional pancake, these bubbled up when ready to flip but oh joy! they flipped so much more easily than those flour pancakes!  Sorry for the photo quality, but I am not the photographer in this family! 

 Ta Da!!!  This was really the third pancake, I ate the first two right away after dipping them in some of my favorite sugar free syrup.  Delish!!!

 The only sugar free syrup that tastes like the real stuff.  No after taste either!

 In the past we have made The Pioneer Woman's  Sour Cream Pancakes.  They are super yummy and like the cream cheese version easy to whip up.  I did have some trouble getting them done in the center (but then again, I have never been a great pancake cooker) and still have some carbs from the small amount of flour.  All in all, our family does prefer them over the traditional mixes we have tried. 

 I keep these on hand at all time too.  The Griffins Syrup is an Oklahoma made product. I discovered this after moving to the coast and searching everywhere for this family favorite.  Thankfully, our family and friends who travel to see us always bring us a jug or two.  One friend had such pity on us, that she shipped a few bottles priority mail in one of those "fit as much as you can in this and ship it for a low price" boxes.  I think the USPS got taken on that one!  

So, after tasting each of these completely different pancakes, my Sunshine Gal and I have decided that our favorite is the Cream Cheese Pancake. 

What is your favorite pancake recipe?  Please share it with me and my followers...we all so enjoy reading your comments!


  1. Yum I have to try these! We make pancakes once a week around here! LOL Another good recipe...you know that Jiffy boxes of muffin mix? I use a blueberry one, one egg, about 1/2 cup of flour and enough milk to moisten everything. Butter your pan and cook! These are such a hit around here when the kids have friends over. Just thought I'd share! Don't tell the kids my trick though...LOL They think I'm an amazing cook - boy do I have them fooled! LOL

  2. Clydia, your secret is safe with me! and I am sure you ARE an amazing cook. :) I used to buy those Jiffy mixes all of the time, will have to do so again! Thanks for dropping by~

  3. Oh my! These sound so yummy! I usually use the bisquick pancake recipe that calls for lemon juice. I love them, but these sound too good not to try!