Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

I must apologize for being so late with passing The Versatile Blogger on in a timely manner.  Now, being a new blogger I had to learn the rules of blogging and have been thankful to a few ladies who have been so helpful to teach me!   Rule number 1, thank and link back to the one who gave me the award.  Many thanks to Clydia at Three Mango Seeds for this opportunity to share the love. She is super creative and makes some amazing signs as well as revamps furniture in some incredible ways.  Please drop by and you might just find something you need for your home.

Rule number 2?  I am to share 7 things about me that you might not know....

1)  I met Superman when we were both 15 and in the high school marching band.  He was the drum major and I was a little testy with him.  I thought having my boyfriend as the drum major should give me room to be a little sassy...well, that little sassy got me kicked right out of band one day!  It was my first lesson in submission to my man.  Thankfully, I learned that lesson quickly and we have been married for 23 adventure filled years.

2) I have been a home educating momma for 12 years.  It is an honor and a joy to be with my children on a daily basis, watching them learn and grow into young adults.

3) I have lived in more than 15 houses since I was born!

4) I am an Independent Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef.  I tied on my apron 13 years ago and so enjoy helping others to "discover the chef in you!"

5) I enjoy studying the Word of God with other women.  Beth Moore and John Eldridge are my favorite Bible studies to dig into!

6) I find organizing to be great fun!  My friends tease me when I want to take yet another seminar or read another book on the subject.

7) I traveled, ALONE, to Istanbul, Turkey!  I went to see a dear friend and we had an amazing two weeks touring her new home city and other parts of Turkey. 

I truly live each day in the moment, trying to seek God for His perfect will in my life.
NOW, for the fun part!  I chose 4 blogs I want to award the Versatile Blogger to, based on different reasons.

Jesse at Good Girl Gone Glad.  She was the very first blogger I met and followed.  She is a super chic wife, momma, and artist.  Her blog is full of decorating, home educating ideas, and glimpses into the life of her adorable family.

Sheryl at The Altered Passport  A gifted paper artist, calligrapher, and world traveler, her blog is the perfect place to travel through her eyes without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  She also shares her love of all paper arts and photography.

Joy at My Turkish Joys A professional chef who has followed her husband to Turkey as an expat. Her blog is for all foodies who want to learn about world cuisine.  When she travels, her blog posts almost always focus on foods in the area. 

The Girls of Project 64: Out of the Box here you will find 6 multi talented photographers who have a wide range of abilities.  Each week they "color" a photo based on the 64 crayons found in a box of Crayolas.  Others are invited to link up each week with their own version of the color.  The ladies who post to this blog live all over the US and in one foreign country so you can be sure it is truly versatile!

Be sure to visit these blogs soon and become their newest followers!
Remember, to leave me a message!  I just love to read them!

Just thought I'd share a bit of the beauty of Colorado today.  My mother took this photo on a recent trip to my home state.  The Aspens are gorgeous this time of year!  While she was in Vail she just happened to notice this particular tree had my name carved into it.  Amazing how God will give you something exciting when you least expect it!


  1. Thanks so much Kim! I love that your Mom took that picture for you! You have inspired me to do the same -- thanks again! (especially for the ranch recipe!)

  2. HI Kim, Thanks for the super cool recognition! I really appreciate it...nice to know people actually do read my blog. =) Hope you can come back and visit Istanbul again! Keep blogging!


  3. I love this post Kim! You are such a wonderful person and friend! Thank you so much for the tag!