Monday, October 17, 2011


 Superman took our family and my youngest daughter's friend to the Oyster Festival on Saturday.  (disclosure: I call my hubby Superman, which of course I think he is, so for future posts you will know when I refer to Superman I am not referring to Clark Kent, the comic book character, or to the actual superhero but rather, to MY super hero!) Being from the Mid West, we have attended our share of small town festivals including Pioneer Day, Will Rogers Day, Hogs n Hot Rods Festival, Rooster Days, Trail Days, and some I just don't remember what they were named.   While each event has its own distinct name and celebrates something related to their own town, those who attend can pretty much count on finding what my family refers to as "fair food", booths of local merchants and home based businesses, live music, games for the kiddos, and some carnival rides.

Oyster Fest was very much like all the other small town festivals which we have attended with the added bonus of seafood vendors, local food items offered for sale in the business tents, and the location being on the island of Ocean Isle Beach.  Have I mentioned, I LOVE the beach?!

The one thing I felt was missing?  OYSTERS!  We looked everywhere, believing that since we were at the beach and the name was OYSTER Fest that oysters would be everywhere.  We did find a long tent which had been set up for an oyster shucking contest, which was to take place later in the day. Another long tent, with an even longer line, was set up for steamed oyster shucking and eating.  Superman and I have eaten those oysters before and found them to be rather bland so we were hoping to find oyster on the half shell, fried oysters, or maybe even an oyster stew.  Although surprised at not finding a large selection of oysters, we did have a fun afternoon exploring the booths and being in the sun after a week of many rainy and overcast days.

Pics were take on my iphone, not the best quality.

Shucking of the steamed oysters.

Hard at work shucking those hard shells.

 We decided we really should try some oysters.  My youngest daughter really doesn't care for seafood of any flavor.  The smell alone usually sends her running!  We found a great place on the waterway that didn't smell fishy and everyone agreed it was the perfect place to try an oyster. 

Sharkey's, not to be confused with the Sharkey's of Myrtle Beach, SC, is one of the best seafood places on the island.  The owner told us he is thankful the place was built long ago which allows them to keep their large deck for outdoors dining.  On this day, the deck was packed with Oyster Fest patrons so we chose to eat indoors.

We decided to order several items to share. Fried oysters, shrimp, scallops, and flounder as well as Shark Bites, Shark Teeth, hush puppies, and sweet potato fries were enjoyed but everyone except my  "I don't do fish" girl.  She was happy to eat her loaded baked potato until her daddy asked her to PLEASE try a fried oyster.  At the urging of her friend and after some strong negotiating with her daddy for a red hair extension she ate the last oyster.  She decided she would never try one again! 

My sweet girl on the left and her friend, a SC native and seafood lover, before the oyster was eaten. 

the Intercoastal Waterway on Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Sharkey's provided a great view of the waterway.

Ocean Isle Beach is quickly becoming my favorite beach.  Sunset Beach has held this spot in my heart until this past summer when I began to spend more time on OIB.  It is truly a family friendly beach with many places to grab a bite to eat, a mini golf course, a brand new playground for children, and many public beach access parking lots. 

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to the Oyster Festival and the island.  Next time you are planning a vacation, you really should consider the coastal Carolinas. 

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  1. I love all the pictures you post. I really enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks books and these beaches are mentioned quite a lot. So THANKS for posting! :) Cannot wait until I can actually visit them for myself.