Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Things Purple and the Sooners

Today is my dear, dear friend's birthday. She was the first lady I met at our OK home church and has become one of my favorite ladies and closest friends. Her husband actually introduced us and has probably regretted that introduction many times. Each time I am in OK we tease him that he is a Kim widower, HA~HA~HA! Many pedicures, dinners & lunches out, and late night shopping trips have bonded us together. Seriously, we have raised our daughters together, moved to different homes together, and have studied the Word of God together.

Being the sweet person she is, she never complained when her birthday came along in December and our regular group of eight ladies who always celebrated one another's birthdays was often too busy to spend her day with her. I decided about 8 years ago that was going to change so she and I began an annual birthday/Christmas just the two of us girls night out. It was a great way to reconnect during the super busy season and for her to feel a bit pampered, which is how every girl should feel on her birthday. Moving to NC brought a halt to our tradition so I decided this year to use my blog to show how much she means to me!

Meet Rhonda....

This is Rhonda (in the purple), myself, and our friend, Kim S. We had been to a Beth Moore conference and stopped off to eat some chocolate before heading off to do some shopping. Bible study, chocolate, and shopping all in one day!


This photo was taken on our lunch break during the Beth Moore Bible study. We eat Mexican food every chance we get and this day was no exception. Meet some of my other dear friends...Kim S, Melissa, Me, Rhonda, and Shawn.

Rhonda is passionate about purple! I think this is my favorite photo of the two of us.

Not the best quality but I had to add this as is shows her other passion...her SOONERS! I know everyone says an OU Sooner and an OSU Cowboy can't get along but we are living proof that just isn't so!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Rhonda and a few of my other Okie gals. Leave her a note wishing her a happy birthday in the comments section please!

Happy Birthday sweet Rhonda!!! I love you and pray every dream you have ever dreamed comes true this year.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Boomer Sooner! :)

  2. This is such a sweet post for Rhonda! She is one special lady and lucky to have a sweet friend like you!

  3. looks fun! But I bet a Husker fan wouldn't be as welcome! ;-)

  4. Clydia and Jesse...thanks for the sweet wishes. Rhonda did drop by but didn't know how to leave a note. I really need help in setting my blog up so that anyone can leave a comment without "logging in". Joy, we welcome any fan, and esp one who has your flair for food! ;)