Friday, December 23, 2011

A Sweet Project

Years ago the home school group that we are members of in OK made a GIANT gingerbread house for a fundraising event called Festival of the Trees at the Philbrook Museum of the Arts. The houses that were donated by groups like ours were on display for a short time, then auctioned off. We were given tickets to attend a showing of the houses before the public opening. I honestly don't remember if the money raised at the auction went to the museum or to an organization. While it was a lot of fun building the house with about 30 children, it was also a bit chaotic for this super organized momma. I like to enjoy projects, not be completely stressed out by them and I think the other moms agreed, so that was the last year our entire home school group joined forces to create a big house.

The next year I began the tradition with my own two girls. One year we made two and took one to our pastor's elderly mother to enjoy. The girls (and myself!) enjoy making them so much that I have often purchased extra kits after Christmas for as little as $2.00 to use on other holidays such as Valentines and Easter. The girls are excited about making one this year on Saint Patricks Day.

After building so many houses we have decided that the trick to making them look amazing is to buy lots of extra (generic brand) frosting and candy. Since Superman LOVES candy, left overs are never a problem at our house!

Here is a step by step of the house being built this year....

The items needed to make the perfect gingerbread house

Walls are up and ready for the roof to go on!

It takes two!

My girlies~they are becoming quite the gingerbread house experts!

Ally and Tyler. This is the second house he has helped to build. Last Easter he and Ally built one that was super cute!

The smiles show how happy they all were with the finished house.

the front complete with a yellow "brick" road...

Ally's her twist on the lettering...

Natalie's side with a window...

Tyler designed the back of the house. He pointed out that he made a sled out of two candy canes and a triscut with two gum drops as "kids".

What is your favorite craft project during Christmas time?


  1. Love the gingerbread house! I'm going to look for them after Christmas when they are on sale. Love your idea of doing them on different holiday's. :) Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you snap some pics of your gingerbread house buiding!